An important note about COVID-19

Inner Oddball
2 min readDec 14, 2020

Make no mistake, we are all looking for answers. We’ve all heard from government officials and health professionals, and I’ve personally spoken with individuals at NIH and FDA. No one knows. It’s even above Google.

To provide some perspective, during our lifetime we’ve been very fortunate to live in peace, have a dependable economy and live in relative safety. Wars or threats of wars have always been off our shores; we chose whether to participate or not. Jobs are available, maybe not always perfect, but, more than not, you can support yourself. And if creative, you can generate wealth. With regards to safety, there is still a general respect for law and order. All these factors give us the general sense of security and control to live our lives.

Today, that’s all been challenged, not by the virus (COVID-19), but, by the uncertainty of the security and control we enjoyed just a month ago.

As a member in our community, I have a duty to share our awesome achievements and scary moments. I’d like to share a perspective that may help in these trying times. I think we agree we can’t control the external (wars, economy or government); but, we have much more control over our mind, relationships and body. It is more important than ever to walk a tight rope between being informed vs. managed by influence peddlers, 24-hour media sources or others that agitate you. Maybe read, meditate or do something that doesn’t keep you busy for busy sake. Practice actively managing your mind.

Relationships smooth the edges of life. Stress either brings people together or tears them apart. Take time to connect with others. I believe fear of losing security and control is exacerbated when you are alone. Discussing some of these issues with a trusted friend can help you reframe your reality, the problem perceived is not as big as the real issue.

Your body, endorphins are your friend. Physical achievement has its own rewards. It’s pretty tough to be negative and work out physically. Create a schedule, create your own workout plan. Give yourself the gift of time.

Things will be normal again. My hope is that we can use this negative circumstance to become a better version of ourselves.



Inner Oddball

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