To Vaccinate or Not

Inner Oddball
2 min readDec 13, 2021


On behalf of Alignstaffing, the letter below was sent to our community to address the difficult decision to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Our mutual struggle is communicating that we care regardless. We hope this letter helps you message to your own support staff.

This letter is sent out of respect for you and the decision you make regarding your personal conviction around the COVID-19 vaccination.


At the same time, we encourage you to consider getting vaccinated, for your health, your loved ones, and the youth/young adults you are nurturing.

We are aware there are reasons you may refuse or avoid getting vaccinated. We (I) respect the fear of injections, the feeling of being controlled, injecting a foreign substance in your body, the body’s natural immunity, God’s provision, and it’s not a priority. There could be countless other reasons. Some reasons are emotionally based. Whatever the reason, it’s based on some loud voice.

There are many loud voices that became foundational to reaching your life choices. There are various opinions, conclusions and declarations, and all of them convincing. I’d like to share ours.

Another Perspective

This pandemic is not an American political argument, but a worldwide issue. Every country in the world has taken steps within the last 18 months to minimize human contact by closing borders, buildings, schools and even regulating outdoor activities. This pandemic is not about being right or wrong. The effects of the pandemic have killed or hospitalized Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals and people of faith and the agnostic.


The previous pandemic was the Hong Kong Flu (1968–1969) with between 1 to 4 million deaths worldwide. By comparison, COVID-19 has estimated to be responsible for between 4.9 to 19 million deaths. My experience with COVID has been very harsh and poignant. During the last 18 months, I’ve had loved ones hospitalized and lost. During this 18-month period 3 friends/family members have died and 1 has long-term hospitalization.

I’m both frustrated and fascinated that there are so many competing truths from personalities that won’t hold your hand if you are hospitalized or be there to say a last word of comfort to your loved ones in your absence. To them it’s political, gamesmanship and cultural control.

As for me, I am vaccinated. Will it prevent getting COVID? No. However, it does give me the best chances of surviving an infection and demonstrating unselfishness and an expression of caring for my community.

This is not an American problem. This is not a vote for or against an ideology. This could very well be a life-ending, family-debilitating decision.

Again, I respect your humanity and hope you make the daring and courageous decision to get vaccinated.


Aaron Copeland



Inner Oddball

Entrepreneur and forward-thinking community advocate with 20+ years of experience in education and mental health services.